The UN sustainable development goals are a universal call to action to fight poverty and inequalities, protect the planet and tackle climate change by 2030. To achieve the goals, all of us must make an effort.

The fashion industry has a major impact on the global economy and the environment. That’s why we have aligned our sustainability framework with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to make sure we’re tackling the most important issues.  

We are proud to say we actively contribute to 7 out of 17 SDG’s.

Through our work with the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Flower, the industry’s strictest requirements are set for the entire product’s journey and the environmental problems that arise along the way - to protect people, the environment and the earth's resources. 

① We ensure efficient utilization of raw materials, energy and water at all stages of the production. 
② No use of harmful chemicals in our products.
③ Our fabrics live up to high quality requirements which ensure long durability.
④ We work with strict requirements for recycling in our production, including textile waste and wastewater management.
⑤ We ensure the factories that produce our jeans are not polluting their surrounding nature.
⑥ All our suppliers comply with requirements set by ILO (International Labor Organization), which means that there is equal pay between genders, no discrimination, safe working conditions and living wages. There is no child labor or forced labor. 

① At Tomorrow Denim, we do not use any hazardous chemicals or substances that are harmful to the health of workers in our factories, the end consumer who wears our clothes or that pollutes air, soil or water.
② For example, we do not use chemicals such as optical brightener, formaldehyde or potassium permanganate, which are otherwise often used in the denim industry. These types of chemicals are hazardous to people who are in contact with them, and threatening to biodiversity.
③ We do not use substances that can be allergenic 

① We only use 100% organic cotton, which means no use of pesticides in cultivation of the cotton we use in our jeans production.
② Sustainable water consumption: In the washing process, we save about 100L of water per jeans compared to conventional denim production.
③ When we dye our jeans, we avoid hazardous chemical substances and therefore use organic dye that is approved by the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Flower. 
④ Efficient water usage: We follow strict wastewater management where water used in our production is recycled over and over, until it no longer can be used. 

① Compared to conventional denim production, we have reduced our energy consumption by 40%.
② We do not use lasers when we treat our jeans since it uses a lot of kilowatts, exhausts a lot of CO2 and burns fibers to nano particles which contaminate aqua life.
③ By using new technology such as ozone wash and e-flow, we are able to skip processes and save energy in our production. 

All our suppliers are audited by BSCI and comply with ILO (International Labor Organization) requirements which ensure fair working hours and wages, equal pay between genders, no discrimination, forced or child labor. Furthermore safety measures and ethical business practice is in place. 

① Through new technology such as ozone wash and e-flow, we ensure low water and energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process.
② In conventional denim production, approx. 140L water is used per jeans in the washing process.
③ Through new technological possibilities, we have found a way to cut this all the way down to 1L of water per jean.

① In our laundry we have a treatment plant that recycles and purifies the water used until it cannot be used for more productions. The wastewater is then sent on to a new water system in the local area which purifies and uses the water for other purposes such as watering parks etc. 
② Any wastewater that may end up in drains will therefore not affect marine life as the dyes we use
is 100% organic and without chemicals.

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