When it comes to environmental initiatives, we adhere to the strictest industry guidelines in order to create fashionably sustainable denim for a better tomorrow. Our goal is that Tomorrow should be considered one of the world’s most innovative fashion brands in terms of sustainability.

Tomorrow is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the Nordic countries and the EU Ecolabel (the EU Flower) internationally. No fashion brand in the world has ever obtained a similar certification. Through close collaboration we have established a important relationship with Miljømærkning Danmark that we are enthusiastically committed to developing further in the years to come.

To stay close to production facilities we have established a Tomorrow production office in Turkey. Here we supervise the production of our denim and help suppliers grow sustainable businesses. We are committed to building strong and reliable partnerships with suppliers we trust. All parties have a mutual interest in developing and maintaining long-term relationships. All our suppliers are approved by Miljømærkning Danmark, the European Commission for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and the EU Ecolabel, respectively.

We are dedicated to constantly improve the way we produce and consume denim, and be at the forefront of all sustainable certifications internationally.


Blue denim jeans with ecolabel and nordic swan stickers on back pocket